August 04, 2016

Some Moments You Cannot Discount

THIS team

Eight games. In. A. Row. The boys are finally playing like they should play. It's a grind. It's a long season. There will be ups and downs for every team. For the first half of the season, the Tigers played well for a week, then poorly for a week. It was frustrating. I kept complaining about Brad Ausmus and referring to the words of Jim Leyland: "make talent a team."

The scribes were writing that this team just doesn't have it. The bloggers the same. Heck, I might even have been saying the same thing. I lamented the signing of Pelfrey and Upton. I'm a fan. And since I pay my dues annually, I can complain. In the back of my mind, though, I knew this was a better team. That's why a couple of weeks ago, I wrote this about my favorite baseball team.

This moment:

I mentioned in my post that JD Martinez has to come back and solidify the lineup. That moment last night was incredible. The best part of it is that the Tigers' fans were giving him a standing ovation and Mario Impemba said, "Oh, if he hits one out here ..." and three seconds later it was LONG GONE!

I think the Tigers need to shore up the rotation but maybe Daniel Norris will come back and be that guy. This team is looking good right now and finally rolling. If they hadn't pissed away two games in Chicago a couple Sundays ago … but they did.

So today is an afternoon game. Let's go get 'em, Tigers.

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