July 27, 2016

As much as I like to complain ...

Starting a series of COMPLIMENTS instead of COMPLAINTS

Complaining doesn't do much good, except when it does. But today's piece is not a complaint. It's a compliment. And it's a well–deserved compliment to one of the original craft breweries in Michigan.

Mountain Town Station in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, has been hit or miss over the years. Sometimes we have had great service and a poor meal, or a great meal and poor service. Last night, MTS got it right. The service and meal were awesome.

Lori got the brisket sandwich, Courtney got the chicken alfredo, and I got the Olive Ya Want burger. Everything was top notch and the server was great. I thought the Iron Horse IPA was pretty tasty and the Steam Engine Stout — coffee stout was, eh — but overall the experience was fantastic.

We were there to celebrate Courtney and Tyler's engagement. We had some gifts and shared a good time. The staff was willing to allow us to take our time, relax, and enjoy the evening. Kudos to the awesome staff and chef at Mountain Town Station in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

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