August 26, 2016

Fall Is On The Horizon

When Fall Arrives 

As another summer winds down, I thought it would be good to look forward to the fall. Spring is my favorite season and fall probably falls third. Nothing comes close to my favorite season: baseball! Today, is all about the fall.

  • One of the highlights of the fall is watching the season premiers of our favorite television shows. Television has changed so greatly in the last few years. Not all great shows are on the major networks, many are on cable or streaming channels — and their "drop" seasons vary. We used to have several that we looked forward to, but now we don't watch much more than The Blacklist, Hawaii 5–0, and Criminal Minds. I think Criminal Minds might be on its downward path. It got so unrealistic toward the end of the season that I didn't even watch the finalĂ©. And you're reading this and thinking, "Yeah, and The Blacklist is so realistic …" It didn't spend a decade pretending to be. 
  • The winding up of the baseball season. I have even adjusted to the wild card — and kind of like it. Not the one–game play–in, mind you, but the concept works. I think the baseball season schedule, including the playoffs, needs some adjusting but the MLB folks are on the right track. 
  • High school football season has always been a favorite part of the fall. I haven't been at a school that has a football team in about seven years and you can actually get used to not having to participate in Friday Night Lights, but there certainly is something "real" about high school football. I hope that eventually we get back to kids playing a bunch of sports and not feeling like they have to specialize, but that's a column for another day. I have many friends who are coaches. So many high school football coaches live for the season. 
  • The changing of the leaves is also a night aspect of the fall season. Living in northern Michigan, you truly get to watch the color change. 

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