August 19, 2016

Dick Morgan Roast, Bold 'n' Hearty

Grandpa Morgan: Just a Few More Words 

Several years ago, we happened upon a unique opportunity to have lunch with Joe Falls, the sports editor of the Detroit News. I don't even remember what precipitated the lunch, but I wasn't going to give up the chance to spend some time with such a great writer, someone who I had grown up reading day in and day out — but especially on Sundays. On Sundays, he sometimes mentioned my Grandpa Morgan or Uncle John or maybe he would just reference Morgan's Service.

Joe Falls told the story of how Grandpa once headed down to Lakeland, Florida, during Spring Training because he wanted to watch the Tigers. When he got to Joker Marchant Stadium, the line was too long and he didn't want to wait so he jumped in his car and drove back to Clarkston.

I was fortunate to spent a lot of time with my Grandpa, especially as he got older. I've written about a couple of trips out to Maine where I learned to eat the whole lobster, no waste, and enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A few times, I went to Morgan's Service and had coffee with the guys who had coffee there every day. I just kind of stayed out of the way but it was cool. I always thought starting the day like that with coffee and conversation would be the right way to live.

Morgan's Service has moved from 28 S. Main, and in its place will be a new restaurant called Honcho. It's owned by the same person who owns the Clarkston Union — home of the world's best Mac 'n' Cheese — and the Union Woodshop. One of the differences for Honcho and the other restaurants is that Honcho will be open for coffee and baked good early. Uncle John, my Dad, and I recently toured the new Honcho extravaganza. The coffee will be roasted at Honcho using an old Italian Roaster.
Don't worry — there will be a Dick Morgan Roast. 
Curt Catallo is the owner of Honcho. When we were talking and touring, he mentioned that there would be the Dick Morgan Roast, don't worry. How cool would that be? A real roasted coffee — bold and hearty — named after my Grandpa. That would be a hard working cup of coffee, for sure. I can't wait to see what becomes of Honcho. The motif is incredible with a blend of the old and new that you have to see to understand. The new restaurant in Clarkston will probably open in the middle of October.

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