June 10, 2016


Fancy Hats & Baseball Caps

I've always thought fedoras were cool hats. I actually had a fedora when I was about five years old. It just seemed that "fancy" hats were necessary. I graduated to baseball hats for many years because — well, I played a lot of baseball. But as I got older, I started wearing fedoras again.
I don't necessarily endorse using a selfie in a blog post, but this is a good example of what I'm writing about today. 

I have two hat stores that I like to visit. The first is Diversions, which I originally discovered many years ago in Leland, in Fishtown. The store had a top hat that was made of leather and I thought about that hat for years. I never bought it because I didn't know when I could wear it but I sure thought it was a "nifty" hat. Diversions is also located downtown Traverse City. I usually buy a few hats there every year, often a fedora and a couple of winter caps. I've also bought some gifts there, as well. Diversions carries Broner, which is a Michigan–based company so I like buying Broners and keeping it in Michigan.

My other favorite hat store is on Broadway in Detroit, Michigan. Henry the Hatter is a true fancy hat store. They have expensive hats as well as some that I can afford as well. I buy a hat there usually every summer. A couple of summers ago, I bought a light blue fedora to wear to the Kid Rock concert at DTE Energy Center. It's still one of my favorite hats.

Have a great Friday.

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