June 02, 2016

Best Sandwich for Breakfast

The Egg Rickmuffin

You'll want to start out with sliced yellow American deli cheese. I get mine at Meijer. You will also be glad if you use Ebel's Canadian Bacon, but any Canadian Bacon that you have to slice (not the pre–sliced pieces) is best. Even ham will work. Get some Thomas English Muffins, the regular kind. Eggland's Best large eggs add the final touch. 

I put my Calaphon pan at low heat and let it warm up. Then I dump in — liberally — some Fustini's Chipotle Olive Oil and let it warm for just a bit. Break a couple of eggs and start them frying. You can cook the egg however you want. I fry mine to what the restaurants call hard. As the eggs are cooking, I put a few pieces of Canadian Bacon in and cook them until they're really cooked. That's the best way to have the bacon. Of course, at the same time, the muffins go into the toaster and toast to a decent doneness. Again, that's up to you. But, as soon as the muffins pop, place a slice of the yellow American on the top bun so the cheese melts. 

Keep cooking the eggs and bacon. That is, until the eggs are how you like them. Put the eggs first on the bottom bun, then cover with the bacon. Put the two buns together and you have yourself a delicious breakfast. 

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