January 26, 2015


Let's Get This Season Rollin' 

Hashtag TigerFest

I never was much on things like TigerFest. I avoided going for a number of years. Last year, my good friend Chris Brown asked me to attend with him and his wife, Kendra. I tried to find a good reason not to go, so I decided to go along. It turned out to be a great experience, especially since Courtney (my daughter) and I were able to get into the Social Media Clubhouse by following the +DetroitTigersMLB on +Twitter. It was cool to discover that Courtney was actually featured in the TigerFest program.

Great Saturday

The annual celebration brings the Tigers staff and players closer to the fans. The fans have a chance to talk, interact, and get to know the players a bit. Fans can ask for autographs, photos, etc. It's a nice change of pace from the season when it's go, go, go …

The whole gang in Detroit

Friday Night's All Right

On Friday night we visited a number of sites around Detroit and stayed at the Crowne Plaza which used to be known as the famous Ponchatrain. You know I read Elmore Leonard and in the '70s, the Ponch was sometimes a focal point of the protagonists and antagonists, so this could be considered a history trip. But, back to TigerFest — it's a great event for the Tigers and their fans.

Icy "D"

Social Media Clubhouse

The only things I would change would be to make the event more organized, set things up to be sure that the folks with the young kids get a chance to meet their heroes, and ensure that there are more opportunities for "chance meetings." Tomorrow I will write about what I would consider doing to make the Social Media Clubhouse the HIGHLIGHT of the whole event. I mean, it is already great, but I think with a couple of tweaks it could be in incredible and excellent highlight that could involve even more people.

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