January 29, 2015

The process of releasing a new piece of art (this could be a book, CD, movie ... )

WINNING isn't easy but it can be FUN 

Last February, I found out about a contest just before it ended. But I had an idea so I submitted it. Jeff Pearlman is a renown writer who specializes in telling true stories that read like novels. In The Bad Guys Won he puts you right back in the early '80s growing up with the Mets. In The Rocket That Fell To Earth, you feel like you know Roger Clemens and his family. Right now, as I read Boys Will Be Boys, I'm enjoying getting to know Jimmy Johnson's crazy team once again. After giving my idea, I added,
As a comparison, I have always thought it would be cool if musicians (we’ll use Kid Rock since I’m a Michigan person) would release some of their rough, demo material to their fan clubs for like a 24-hour period. Maybe it would just be streamed and not something that could be downloaded, but it would build up to the release of an album. If Kid Rock did that, I think it’s just different enough that it would further build his brand …  
As Kid Rock has prepped for his new album, he has released all the lyrics on Mondays leading up to the February 24 release date; in addition, he has released one video as well as an audio video for another song. Now, I'm not suggesting that anyone from Kid Rock's camp read the post by Pearlman, but the marketing going into FIRST KISS has been awesome. The lyrics have been cool to read ahead of time and try to determine what the song might sound like — and the videos have been actual songs. Furthermore, he also released a "behind the scenes" video for the making of the "First Kiss" video.

He hasn't released any of the rough cuts or anything like that yet, but he might. He has a month before the new LP drops. Even he suggests that this album has to be an improvement from REBEL SOUL.

"That was a bad album," Rock says. "I didn't spend enough time on it at all. So this one is more pressure."

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