September 04, 2014

Totally Random


I like how Gibbs has all those rules on NCIS. I joked with my daughter on Facebook this morning that she broke rule no. 42 when she professed her love for her boyfriend on Facebook. Usually, she thinks that kind of stuff is dumb and will say so. She didn't think it was so funny when I said she broke a rule! Hey, we all need rules to live by, right?

Speaking of TV, we always look forward to the season final├ęs because it marks the beginning of summer. Now, TV has series that play during the summer (e.g. Under the Dome) and cable TV has even more series. It's been a year since A&E unceremoniously ended The Glades — which deserved a better fate. But what a cliffhanger ending that turned out to be.

More on TV … the long–awaited Batman series is finally coming to Bluray and DVD; however, I have tried really hard not to buy any more "ownable" media like that (do CDs count?) Batman was my favorite show growing up. I devoured it every afternoon on Channel 20 in Detroit. I mean, I lived in Clarkston, but the channel was from Detroit. I used to watch Ultra–man (bought the DVD several years ago ... oops!), Johnny Sacco, Superman, etc.  It's no wonder that I used to have nightmares practically every night. Of course it could have been all the Sugar Bear I used to eat …

I think the Tigers will win the Central and if they do, they may get hot. They have the makings of a good team, with some holes. I couldn't have written a more obvious sentence if I were following a formula.

Also, I think the Lions will be good this year. I don't know what I mean by "good." They never break our hearts because we never have expectations.

I have been in an Elmore Leonard mode for several weeks now. I wish I had known more about him when he was alive. His writing is fantastic — like a modern day Hemingway complete with modern–day words and dialogue. I'm reading Be Cool right now and have already devoured a couple of others.
I still can't believe it took me so long to discover a great writer who lived but a couple hours south and who wrote about all the stuff I think is cool. But a couple weeks ago I bought several Leonard books at the John King Used Book Store in Detroit. Being that he is the "Dickens of Detroit," the store had several autographed copies of his books. Then I found out they have a special room with many rare and autographed first editions and such.

I love books.

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