August 12, 2014

A $hort Lament on the Status of the Baseball Club of Detroit

That does not say Lamont

This team continues to disappoint. After the amazing run in 2006, the Tigers fell short in 2007, stunk up the place in 2008, lost a lead of epic proportions in 2009 (remember game 163?), finished around .500 in 2010, and won the Central Division in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Struggles at the plate in 2012 (World Series) and 2013 (ALCS) showed up in the postseason. We all know about the bullpen.

I was excited that this team was one finally built for Comerica Park — the first time the Tigers had constructed such a team since the park opened in 2000. And, as would totally NOT be expected, the Tigers flat out SUCK at home.

The starters have to start going at least seven innings and possibly eight. The bullpen is in shambles. There may be no fix. I think we try too hard to turn all relievers into "hard" throwers, alá Casey Fein. The offense, ah, ahem. The Tigers are discovering why JD Martinez and Rajai Davis are lifelong part time players in the Major Leagues.

Max Scherzer may leave in the off season. I expect him to sign with the Angels. What else might happen? Where do they go from here …

Is Nick Castellanos going to be an effective defensive third baseman? I wonder if his bat will ever heat up, as well. Again, Davis and Martinez are part–timers playing full–time innings. Torii Hunter may not get his WS ring in the D. He, too, may have to join the Angels (again). Andrew Romine …

I wrote this post on paper yesterday — then, last night, Justin Verlander got wasted by the Pirates in Pittsburgh. Now, comes word that his shoulder is sore and has been for a while. Ah, why didn't anyone know?

Two thoughts from Detroit News sportswriter Lynn Henning on Twitter today:

Am I the only one who thinks that Brad Ausmus may have lost control of the team? The whole debacle/confusion over who was going to pinch hit for Verlander in the second inning is mind blowing. What is going on? I bet we find out. 

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