August 12, 2013

Matt Tuiasosopo

My dad who acts like a scout …

Every year my Mom and Dad get season tickets for the Detroit Tigers down in Lakeland, Florida. They do fun things like attend the annual Lakeland Chamber of Commerce Tigers Dinner, go to many games, and get a chance to talk to the players while they practice.

And every year, my Dad figures out one player who is not necessarily on the roster who ends up making the team. One year, it was Brennan Boesch. Another it was Quintin Berry. This season it was Matt Tuiasosopo. 

We will have conversations for days at a time when he tells me about one of these players and gives me frequent updates. 

I'll argue and say, "No way. He's not on the prospects list." 

At the first spring game this season in Orlando against the Uptons, er Braves, Tui played first base. 

Dad asked who he was and I said, "Look, he's wearing 68. He's just a number guy in camp." 

Well, we talked about him for a month or so and he was positive that Tui would make the team. I told him that it was highly unlikely. Even doubtful. Quite doubtful, I suppose. 

Well, Tui has had a decent season for the Tigers, winning that last roster spot late in camp. 

That's me, Nick Castellanos, and Dad. Dad won't have to do too much predicting on Castellanos. 

Good work, Dad!