August 07, 2013

Detroit Tigers Rolling with 10 Wins in a Row

The Tigers have won 10 in a row. This hasn't happened many times during my lifetime, but they did do it in 2011. During the streak, the Tigers pitchers have only allowed 13 runs. Their pitching is heating up, their hitting has been solid, and the team is looking great. These guys are expected to play well. It all started in late 2005 when the Tigers decided to bring back former minor league manager Jim Leyland. He's had his ups and downs while the Tigers skipper — but in 2006, he put his stamp on the club and gave the city of Detroit "a reason to roar."

I know that the manager took some heat on Sunday when he allowed Drew Smyly to stay in and face Paul Konerko, but that's one small aversion during Leyland's solid season. He's been at his best in 2013. He's led the Tigers to a level and balanced year.

I've often been the first to knock him and call for his dismissal, but he won me over down the stretch last year — and this year he has been his level best. The Tigers continue to be the best team in the AL Central, and maybe in the AL. They look like they might be ready to return to the World Series.

Maybe this year if they sweep the ALCS quickly, maybe they'll go to Lakeland for a few days ...

Roar … Roar … Roar …

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