August 19, 2013

I Don't Believe It But I Do!!!

I do not believe what I just saw!!!

I experienced something Saturday night.

I'm not sure how to describe it.

It's not like this Miguel Cabrera dude just started hitting the baseball the way he does. No, he's been doing it basically since he's been a Tiger. But the last couple of years he has taken it to a new level. Like when Justin Verlander was in his groove, every single time Miguel Cabrera steps to the plate, you almost expect something special to happen.

On Saturday night, the Tigers tried to give the game away. They got ahead. They gave away the lead. I think this happened three times. It was frustrating.

Then, it was the bottom of the ninth. Cabrera was the leadoff hitter and it looked like the Royals pitcher, Crow, was going to pitch around him. Three and one the count.

Oh, I forgot. After the Royals made their final out, the whole crowd stood. Maybe not the three fans from Kansas City, but they may have stood too. It was electric. Everyone was screaming. Clapping. Making some kind of noise. You almost had to be there to understand. You got the chills. It was cool. Hard to describe.

Suddenly, the ball was in the air toward the right field corner and we all knew.


He had done it again. Another late game round tripper to tie the game or put the Tigers ahead. Clutch.

We truly have to appreciate every time Cabrera bats. We are experiencing something that's once in a lifetime. I was four when Mark "The Bird" Fidrych won over the city, state, and country. I was swept up in Bird Mania because I was a budding die hard Tiger fan, but this stuff Cabrera is doing ... this is legendary. A World Series title or two and he's a lock as one of the best ever.

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