August 21, 2013

Character Is Not A Statistic

Fidrych. Morris. Trammell. Parrish. Whitaker. Gibson. Petry. 

Yeah, you get the idea. Names from my youth.

I've looked at the book for a couple of years and thought about getting it. It sounded interesting.

The star of the book is former Tigers General Manager Bill Lajoie.

The book reads like a novel that I'm a part of — not that I'm reading, but that I'm actually a character within. As I read it, I keep thinking of where I was or what I was doing when certain things happened. I almost imagine that I'm the kid who's taking part in the story. It's so relevant to my growing up.

It talks about Mark "The Bird" Fidrych mania. The youthful Tram and Whitaker joining the team. Young, brash, cocky Kirk Gibson. The struggles against the Brewers in the final week–end of 1981. Coming up empty again in '82 and barely in '83. The Willie Hernandez trade.

Of course, it provides more perspective and background information than a 12 year old would have had or even understood back in '84, but book fills in the empty spaces. It's a quick read, informative, and fun.

I can't believe that it's been almost 30 years since the '84 Tigers.

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