July 26, 2013

Las Vegas

In June, Lori and I did something we haven't done before. We took our summer vacation. We usually wait until early August and then look forward to it all summer and wish away the summer. So, this year, we booked our trip to Las Vegas in June.

We also did things differently on our trip out there. We stayed for a few days downtown. Where? At The D Las Vegas, of course. We also visited the Mob Museum, which was an interesting trip into a different world. I would highly recommend checking that out.

We tried to go to the Neon Museum, but that place has unique hours. From what I understand, there is a great deal of Las Vegas history to see at the museum.

We even checked out a 51s game and saw the last start of Zach Wheeler's minor league career. He's done okay since joining the Mets.

We also ate a few meals at Earl of Sandwich, visited In 'N' Out, and enjoyed a lot of people watching. If you haven't visited Las Vegas, it's a great experience. You can never run out of things to do!

I think scheduling the vacation early might be the way to go in the future!

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James Reynolds said...

I am actually planning to trip to Vegas in the fall and I've been looking online for some fun things to do while i'm out there. It's a family trip, so I'm not looking for anything too wild, maybe some nice relaxing pool, or a water park. I do however to sneak away from the family at least one day and take advantage of all of the Las Vegas golf specials I've been reading about online. Have you played any golf in Vegas?