July 23, 2013

Everybody Lies

I've written before about how I thought the leadership style of Dr. Gregory House on the eponymously titled TV series was interesting to say the least. He was brash. Aggressive. Focused. He's been compared to Sherlock Holmes. He was relentless in trying to find the answer. The cause.


He often said, "Everybody lies."

I started to think this was true a couple of years ago. Experience has made me wiser. I know longer think it's true. It is.

People give you their version of the truth so you will give them what they want.

They might not think they're lying, at least not "all the way lying." But they are. It's not even deception. Often, it's a flat out lie. Told simply to get you to see their point of view or do something they want done.

As leaders, we have to know right from wrong and relentlessly do the right things for the right reasons. Of course, even operating that way, there are consequences.

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