April 16, 2013

Dumb, Disappointing, Delusional ....

Photo by Werner Kunz available on Flickr. 

I hope they figure out who did whatever he did to Boston, to the Marathon, to the people yesterday. I don't think any rational person can comprehend why the bombing would be a good idea. The first words I could think of were dumb, disappointing, delusional. What would possess someone to bomb the Boston Marathon.

It makes you wonder if you're safe anywhere. I'm not trying to overreact or be hyperbolic. It makes me think of the rigamarole we all go through to ride in a plane to Las Vegas, or Tampa, or Washington, D.C. We all complain as we go through the process, the security. But, it keeps us safe. At least we believe it keeps us safe.

Wouldn't a major event like the Boston Marathon be covered with security? Wouldn't it be tough to walk around with enough explosive to blow up stuff and kill people? I mean, would it be that easy to haul in that much explosive? People I've talked to said that marathons have a great amount of security. I've never run that far and don't know if I could … but are marathons secure?

Are planes secure?

Are we ever safe? Sure, we feel safe and believe we're safe. But, in reality …

Boston, we're thinking about you. America, we're concerned.

Photo by The Detroit Athletic Company available from Facebook. 

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