April 12, 2013

A Baseball Schedule Problem

Take the Weather With You
Even the playoffs are cold in the northern towns ... 

I like to complain. I usually never end up writing any of the letters that I consider. I also like to compliment. But I never send those letters, either. I don't really think there's any other reason than I have opinions. And you know what they say about that. Right? 

So, I'm going to make a suggestion for the first two series of the baseball season, especially if we begin on April Fool's Day. So, I'm going to through this idea out on how we can begin games in either domes or in warm(er) weather areas.

I am interested in opinions, as well.

Series One (Three Games)

Boston at Texas
Chicago White Sox at Houston
Detroit at Tampa
Cleveland at Los Angeles Angels
Baltimore at Kansas City
Minnesota at Toronto
NYY at Oakland (questionable, as I've been to an early April game in Oakland)
Seattle at San Francisco (is this questionable, too?) This is also Interleague Game #1
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (Cincinnati always opens at home, right?)
New York Mets at San Diego
Philadelphia at Los Angeles Dodgers
St. Louis at Miami
Chicago Cubs at Arizona
Colorado at Atlanta
Washington at Milwaukee

Series Two (Three games; maybe four)

Chicago White Sox at Texas
Detroit at Houston
Cleveland at Tampa
Baltimore at Los Angeles Angels
Minnesota at Kansas City
NYY at Toronto
Seattle at Oakland
Pittsburgh at San Francisco
NYM at Cincinnati
Philadelphia at San Diego
St. Louis at Los Angeles Dodgers
Chicago Cubs at Miami
Colorado at Arizona
Washington at Atlanta
Boston at Milwaukee

Double headers
I would also suggest that all summer long (June through August) that either Saturday or Sunday games be double headers. The traditional kind — where it's pay for one ticket and get two games. I suppose it could be Saturdays since Sundays will often be get–away day for one or both teams. I think something like this could allow the regular season to end in the middle of September, thus the World Series complete by the middle of October. Especially considering that we have so many teams making the playoffs these days.

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maestro said...

Rick, I couldn't agree with you more. I actually did the same thing during the opening series in Minnesota. Makes sense to me to open the season in warmer cities. But apparently not to MLB.