March 02, 2013

One Month Until 2013 REALLY Arrives

I don't want to wish life away, but I'm ready for April 1 to get here. I'm ready for hot dogs, apple pie, Chevrolet … and something else. Ah, what is it? 

Last October, the Tigers did not win the World Series. They didn't even come close. Even though they were the runner up team, the San Francisco Giants beat the heck out of the Tigers. It was a tough series.  And all winter, I made excuses that, "At least we were there."

Yes, we were there. It was a fun run. An interesting season. It was filled with many ups and downs; many ups and downs … The season got off to a good start, headed in the wrong direction, and ended with the Tigers in first place. Then, the fun started.

I'm always ready for baseball, but since we were able to hang out around the camp in Lakeland. Things look good for the Tigers — they may be better off having lost that World Series last year. Coming up second might have been provided a bit of inspiration for the Tigers.

Anyhow, I'm ready. They look good. Justing, Miguel, and Prince (as well as the rest of the team!) are ready to rock 'n' roll through another 162 game season and the playoffs. I think I remembered what else I was ready for … BASEBALL!!!

Tigers, let's ROCK 'N' ROLL! 

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