February 25, 2013

The Tigers in '13

Can they be improved over a team that made it to the World Series in '12? 
Mr. Leyland will appear to do his best managing job this season. He took a lot of hits last year — including many from yours truly — but this season he will appear more driven and focused. He already seems to be more into what's happening. 

Prince Fielder will have an absolute moster season. He will be the American League MVP, with a teammate as the runner–up. His numbers and contribution to the cause, though, will set him apart. Three reasons: 1) He will be adjusted to the American League and more comfortable; 2) He realizes he does not have to be the "man" in the D; 3) He will have a much more proficient and consistent hitter behind him all season. I predict .315, 50, 145. It will be mosterous!  

Rookie closer Bruce Rondon will be fine. If he isn't fine, then there are options in house and outside of the house to replace him. Former closer Jose Valverde is still available as is former Giants closer Brian Wilson. The Tigers closer situation is nothing to get worried about. Especially with those five or six starters.

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