February 19, 2013

Circle B Bar Reserve | Lakeland, Florida

I thought we would go out into the wilderness and get a little ways away from baseball for a couple hours. 

After the opportunity to meet Miguel Cabrera the other day, today, Courtney was able to meet Prince Fielder. He even signed her Postseason 2012 baseball that she got today! 

So we visited the Circle B Bar Reserve here in Lakeland. I read about it in Lynn Henning's column the other day and thought it sounded really interesting. So, I convinced Lori that it would be a fun time. And it was until we happened upon a rather lengthy and sleek moving black snake. Lori froze, screamed, and said she didn't think she could move but that we had to head back to the beginning. We hadn't even gotten to the gators yet!

I'm hoping that I can convince her that with shoes (she had flip flops) and long pants (shorts) we would be able to travel through the trails and get some photos of gators in their natural habitat. I would even take pictures of snakes and such, but apparently, when we see them, we run …

If you are interested in finding out more about the reserve, there is a Flickr group as well as information on the website.

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