January 02, 2013

Mom and Dad Are Heading South for the Winter

Florida … here they come. 

Mom and Dad headed south today. As the new year dawned, they finalized their plans for heading to Lakeland, Florida. They stayed around a little later than normal this year, but should have some good weather for driving.

The boys will be back in town soon, getting ready for another run toward the World Series. Lori and I will be heading down in the middle of February to take in a couple games and watch the Tigers get ready. The run to the postseason was quite enjoyable last year. You could sense it coming in Spring Training, but they struggled at times during the season.

It was barely 40°, but Mom, Dad, Lori and I watched the final game of the 2012 World Series and saw a team win the World Series. It wasn't the team we wanted to win, but I can say I've been at  a World Series clinch game. Maybe 2013 will be the lucky one for the Detroit Nine …

That marquee at the Fox Theater was a welcome site!

See you soon, Mom and Dad ...

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