August 13, 2012

Sparky's Boys

It's legend that when he arrived in '79, Sparky Anderson guaranteed a World Championship in five years. 

And in 1983, the Tigers were getting good. Really good. Sparky Anderson had a way of making the guys play hard. I didn't really know this then (I was a youngster) but I have since learned it. The team was coming into its own — with decent pitching, good relief, and solid hitting.


  1. Lou Whitaker, 2B
  2. Alan Trammell, SS
  3. Larry Herndon, LF
  4. Lance Parrish, C
  5. Chet Lemon, CF
  6. John B. Wockenfuss, DH
  7. Mike Ivie, 1B
  8. Glenn Wilson, RF
  9. Tom Brookens, 3B
  10. Jack Morris, P

The Tigers finished up 92–70 that year, behind the Baltimore Orioles.

We all know what happened after the season, before the next season, and during that Championship Season.

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