August 24, 2012

Am I The Only One?

I know many great educators. I've worked with many during the past 18 years. I've spent time in Vestaburg, Central Montcalm, and Buckley. But I also have worked with many others at nearby districts, ISDs, etc. Education, well public education, continues to take hits in the media.

Funding has been altered and edited to the tune of $470 per pupil less beginning last year. Now, for a school like Buckley, that amounts to $135,000 a year in less revenue. To my friends in Detroit, that doesn't sound like much. But, to my community, that's an amazing amount of money. That's a few teachers, new books, a bus …

Now, the government is talking about TOTALLY restructuring how schools are financed. Scott Graden commented on the new act on his blog, which you may wish to check out.

The idea of totally restructuring schools SCARES me. And, maybe fear is a good thing these days. It keeps us on the edge of our seats, right? We have to find a way to meet "best practices" and take bids to privatize departments to save money, and this and then that. It's stressful to do what we do these days.

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