February 15, 2012

Might as well change the name to Rick's Not Writing Again

It's time to write again …

I have so many topics to choose from.

I might write about education, the state's education budget, or the effect of new cut scores on the MEAP results at local schools.

Or I could write about baseball, Prince Fielder's potential impact on the Tigers, or the change of Justin Verlander doing it all over again.

I could speculate about the Red Wings winning at home forever, or the Lions going to the Super Bowl next year.

I could postulate about Kid Rock's upcoming album or the chance that maybe he's going to jam with Uncle Kracker or Ty Stone in Grand Rapids in a few weeks.

Could I consider telling you about Lori and my trip to Florida next week? We are trying to decide whether to go to Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, or just end up at the Iron Horse Saloon.

So many decisions …

I could write about our old dog Gibson. He was a great Lab who just ran out of time. I once had Kirk Gibson and Bobby Higginson sign a picture of our dogs Gibson and Higginson, and Gibby said, "Why am I the brown one?" I was never sure what that meant …

It seems like Higginson was a puppy until he turned eight. He was always jumping on people and running about like a crazy dog. He's 12 now, and is really slowing down. But he's still a cool dog. 

I could write about Amber Jean, who's in her 20s now. It seems like just yesterday she was five. I don't want to write about how she's all grown up now — because then I'll start to cry or something and won't be able to finish anyway! 

So writing about Courtney probably wouldn't be a great idea either. But it made me feel good when she mentioned me on Facebook today because she forgot her keys and I was able to help her get to class on time. College class, that is …

I really should write about Lori and me going to Florida. Because that's going to be fun. We're going to see Amy and Morgan and Mom and Dad's new house in Lakeland. And who knows, maybe we'll run into Prince Fielder and the Boys! Yeah, that's going to happen. 

Speaking of Detroit, have you visited the Michigan Central Station? 

No place is cooler to explore than the Packard Plant in Detroit. 

: )

Must be about 12 years ago, eh? 

Yes, I think it's time to write again. So tune back in … 

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