April 30, 2011

Uh Oh ... this year it's a first half fade

Last night's loss to the Indians may be the low point of the entire season. Either way, I think the 2011 season is over for the Tigers. Sure, a few friends texted me and said something to the effect, "It's too early to give up on 'em." I disagree. This team is flawed, from the manager to the hitting coach all the way to the base coaches. I would consider calling them "retired Pirates," but they never retired, they were fired.

The Tiger hitters' approach at the plate is terrible, especially with men on base. I believe these guys are professionals and should be able to play the game -- but everyone needs a coach. Even the great Tiger Woods needs a golf coach. Coaches not only teach the game, they provide mental breaks, mentoring advice, etc. Jim Leyland has been known to say, "These guys are professionals, they know what to do." I'm wondering — seriously — if the game has passed him by.

This team is so flawed. Some blame has to go to the General Manager.

More to come ...

(The walk–off grand slam just leaves a pukey taste in my mouth ...)

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