April 22, 2011

Trying to tie up a few loose ends ...

Fonzie's jacket at the Smithsonian was my favorite find back in '87. All these years later, I thought it was still cool! Ayy! 

The Metro is a phenomenal system of public transportation in Washington, D.C. At first attempt, it's overwhelming, but once you figure it out (and maybe add the iPhone app) it gets easier. 

 Lori, Amy, and I visited Old Glory, a barbeque place in Georgetown. That's where we got a great idea ....

Lori, Amy, and I created the St. Elmo's Fire tour in Georgetown. This is our bartender, "Billy," who we learned a lot about. This was at The Tombs, which the movie St. Elmo's Fire figured prominently. 

Amber's car accident in Mt. Pleasant caused our D.C. trip to be cut short. She was okay, but her car, "not so much." Amber was driving down Isabella Street near Broadway ... 

Just before leaving on a jet plane in Washington, D.C., I was able to visit Capitol Hill as a part of MAS/FPS. We dropped off information to many of our legislators in Michigan. 

When I got back into Michigan, we grabbed a Chipotle burrito in Grand Rapids before heading north to Buckley. 

A couple of weeks later, I visited "the D" to take in the home opener. 

Waiting for our tickets to arrive, we wandered around in the rain. 

Our annual trip to Detroit for the home opener. That's Steve, me, John, and Ken. 

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