September 01, 2010


Take a hot summer eve. Mix in some free t–shirts. Some hot dogs and hot soft pretzels. A little lemonade. Some iced tea. Cookies. And bring in a couple hundred eager kids and their families … and you have yourself a successful Open House. 

Buckley Community Schools is one of a kind. We have all of our pK–12 students in one building. We had 34% of our 7–12 students at the Open House (with at least one parent/family representative) and 59% of our pK–6 students.

Our awesome PTO gave out Bear Pride shirts to all students and staff. They are very cool and will help us bring back the "Bear Pride." We have worked hard at making the building sparkle and the lawns look great. We're excited about what we have going on at Buckley Community Schools!

Our food service staff prepared an excellent dinner of hot dogs, soft pretzels, lemonade, iced tea, and a cookie for desert. I'm not sure who came up with the baseball–style dinner, but I know of another school downstate who had similar open house fare …

We are excited about the direction we're going. Families are moving into the district and we're bringing in students under our ISD's schools of choice policy. Our website ( gets updated and improves every single day.

Check us out!

As always, GO BEARS!!!

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