August 31, 2010

2020 Vision

Do the right things the right way.

I talk a lot about being "first class." It's been something I've always considered important. If we're going to do things, why not do them the right way. In fact, let's always do the right thing … the right way. First Class. Always. That's become my mantra.

If you cut a corner to save a buck, it costs two bucks to repair the original job. If you do it right the first time, it's done. It's like measuring twice and cutting once. First Class. Always.

We're working on a new strategic plan at Buckley. It's different than what people perceive. We're going to determine a vision, mission, and core values … and then we're going to identify some areas to "improve or change" and put a plan into action. We're going to get away from creating a beautiful bound item that looks great on bookshelves. A real plan. That can get done.

The planning process is called 2020 Vision. It involves community members, board members, staff members, students, and whoever else wants to get involved. We're excited. We want to be the best education on the market. It's a big goal … We want to have a guaranteed and viable curriculum, teachers trained well to teach that curriculum using best practices and programs implemented with fidelity, and administrators who are able to monitor the instruction and implementation ... That will make all the difference between good teaching … and great teaching.

By the way, do you know why Wendy's burgers have square corners? 

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