September 27, 2010

Gibby Boy has Miles on Him

The old Gibson dog is 12 now. He's showing his age. 

Halfway through the walk, Gib is spent.

We take Gibby and Higgy (father and son) for walks almost daily. We probably walk a mile or two through the woods and out to a field down by the Old Engine Show grounds. Gibby comes out ready to take on the world, walking fast, sometimes running. Not nearly as quick as he used to be, but moving none the less. By the time we're done walking, Gib is way behind and moving S L O W ... He usually gets into our yard about five to ten minutes after Lori, Higgy, and I get back. We tell ourselves that the exercise is good for the old boy — he weighs about 140 lbs.

Higgy, though, is 10. And he's still spry and agressive. He runs, jogs, and flies his way through the walk and is usually ready for more by the time we're done. He's always had a yard to run in and was never really crated, whereas Gibby spent a lot of his puppy time in a cage. He had to because Lori was in college and I was athletic director and working long hours — and the little pup Gib would get into everything and chew, chew, chew …

They're good dogs, but the difference in aggressiveness and excitement is interesting!

Higgy wouldn't get tired of walking unless we made him walk 100 miles. Then, he might not even complain. He enjoys his daily "W." 

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