August 03, 2010

Save the Dam Beach

Represent at Harbor Days Parade!

By Melissa West, From Facebook Post

As we all know the Dam Beach is not yet saved. The Harbor Days Parade is the perfect opportunity to show the residents, visitors, and the Elk Rapids Village Council that many of us support the preservation of the Dam Beach.

Our hope is that with our sea of green Dam Beach 
supporters, that the village council will recognize that there are in fact, too many of us to ignore. If you have anything interesting that you do (Juggle, skateboard, bike, scooter, dance, skip etc. ) please feel free to bring your talents.

We hope to have people from ages 1 to 101. So come and join the parade! We are asking that you wear a “Save the Dam Beach” t–shirt. If you don’t have one, we will bring extras with us to the parade line up. Please wear a green shirt just in case we run out of the t–shirts. Please come and Save the Dam beach at 10:45 a.m. Saturday August 7. 

Save the Dam Beach

You can park at the First Presbyterian Church on First St. and be shuttled in. The parade lines up on S. Bayshore and the parade will begin at 12 noon.

Thanks for your support! Any questions call Melissa at 231-392-2389

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