August 04, 2010

Five Minutes to Ernie!

Every year on my Richard Morgan's birthday, I write a post about him — or share an adventure we've had. Grandpa was a great man.  

Celebrating Grandpa's 90th birthday in 2005. The picture is an autographed picture from Ernie Harwell, as well as a letter wishing him a happy birthday. Ernie also made a surprise phone call to Grandpa Morgan at 4:30 that day. It brightened his day, for sure. 

With internet problems at home last night, I couldn't post. But, I was also struggling to determine what to talk about. Grandpa would have been 95 yesterday. I could have talked about one of the trips to Bar Harbor, Maine, or one of his trips to Lakeland. Maybe I could have discussed his friendship with Joe Falls, sportswriter for the Detroit News. So many stories to share.

But, I'll share this one.

After Grandpa died in 2005, one of the local business folks, Pam Morgan, had his work jacket placed into a giant frame. It was on the wall at Morgan's Service in Clarkston, Mich., for several years. But, when Uncle John and Aunt Connie decided it was time to retire and sell the station, the new owner, Scott McIntyre, decided he didn't want Grandpa's jacket on the wall.

As a self–proclaimed hoarder (recovering, now!) I was the logical person to ask if I would like the jacket. "Of course," I think I said. I've had it on our basement floor in Vestaburg (displayed nicely) for several months, but I wasn't sure where to put it here in Buckley. We actually asked the Clarkston Woodshop Union, a new restaurant, if they would like to put it on their wall. The owner or manager never called back. Hopefully, the on duty manager never gave them the message because otherwise they should have called just to say "No, thanks."

I decided it would look good in the garage — that's a natural place for Grandpa's jacket. So, on August 2, I decided to hang it up. I wasn't even thinking that the next day would be his birthday. As I walked in from the Beach Bums game last night, I said to Lori, "I know exactly what I'm going to write about now."

Grandpa's work jacket is hanging in our garage. Happy Birthday, Grandpa Morgan!

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