March 19, 2010

Why Not Us?

Why Not Us?
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Well, we made it. We beat Leland for the Regional title on Wednesday night. It was a hard fought game, won after the buzzer sounded. But, the whistle beat the buzzer by .3 seconds, so a Bear went to the line, turned to the crowd, smiled slyly, and swished a free throw. 67–66, Bears win.

The crowd erupted. And I mean ERUPTED.

The players celebrated, but moved right to the crowd and had their first team photo of the night taken with the crowd. It was a cool, classy move.

And it was fun to watch.

We play at Traverse City Central High School on Tuesday at 7 p.m. We'll be playing the two–time defending Class D State Champions from Muskegon West Michigan Christian. The Bears will be ready.

Come on out to the game if you can make it!!!

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