March 22, 2010

Springing into action

What great weather. 

The only negative to an early spring is DIRTY vehicles.

It's not every March that you can actually do some spring clean–up before the middle of April. I've coached softball in the spring for many of the past 15 years and we were able to get outside before spring break in two seasons. Lots of baseball and softball teams have already been outside.

Our baseball team at Buckley hasn't been outside yet. In fact, they haven't picked up a baseball yet. They're enjoying waiting, as the basketball team is still alive in the MHSAA basketball tournament (pronounced torn ú mint).

Keep an eye on the TV Tuesday night to find out how the Buckley Bears did against Muskegon West Michigan Christian in Quarterfinal action. You can also follow the game on Twitter. The Buckley Schools Twitter feed is keeping people informed.

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