March 08, 2010

The Leadership Challenge

I've been planning a great deal lately. 

I've been working with colleagues, creating a bridge between the previous regime and current regime. Our current strategic plan was put into place in August 2004, and it has many good pieces. But, we're ready for "part 2" or "the sequel." I'll get more into this later.

One thing that has to happen as you "re–imagine" what you do is you have to have a vision and mission that you hold true to. We're working on composing the framework for those ideas right now; however, we have found that there is a misconception about the difference between vision and mission.

I've learned that a vision focuses on what we can become, or a "big dream."

A mission, on the other hand, focuses on what we do every day. It's the everyday activities.

I've consulted several books during the past 10 years that have helped me form my belief system as it pertains to strategic planning, school improvement, Title I, good/great, etc. You can see in the picture above, there is a plethora of great literature available for us as we move into the 21st Century.

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