March 09, 2010

Every day, I go to school

Monday happened. It was "one of those days." Some days are like that, right?

Today, started off okay. Then, I spilled coffee in my Moleskine Weekly Notebook. That, friends, was no good. Now, I have a classy coffee stain in my Moleskine. Of course, the coffee was in a styrofoam cup, not my usual Tim Hortons 20 ounce mug. (Mistake.)

Anyway, the day went well, overall. Students are doing great things in their classes. One youngster came down to my office and spent a little while reading to me. He earned a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup for the effort, so it was probably worth it for him.

I had a meeting with a teacher this afternoon that was supposed to focus on finalizing our Self Assessment for North Central Accreditation and turned into a discussion about the future of education. We talked about Bear Pride, strategic planning, and the overall focus of education.

She asked me how I am able to  handle everything that goes on and keep smiling. I told her that I don't think of coming to the school each day as a job … I consider it coming to school.

That's right, I every day, I still go to school. And that keeps things in perspective.

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