November 25, 2009

Winning Isn't Everything ...

I posted way back in the luke-warm July heat about the Heath brothers new and exciting book, Switch. Back in July, I filled out a form, saying I would like to receive an advance copy (based on the email). I've read some blurbs here and there about the book, but today received notification that I "won" an advance copy and that they'll be shipping it out soon! It pays to try, right!

The Heath boys are at it again. Their new book Switch will arrive in February.

And now, on with the original story ...

And how, exactly, did Target make itself into a design mecca?) Switch explains a 3-part framework to help you change things, whether you're trying to influence your curmudgeonly coworker or your stubborn teenager.

One of the greatest books ever, Made to Stick, reinforced the need for information to make sense to people. Any information needs to be (1) simple; (2) unexpected; (3) concrete; (4) credible; (5) emotional; (6) story. You should read the book, if you haven't. I also read Dan and Chip Heath's articles and blog regularly. They also write in Fast Company every month.

I received an email in July that said they were putting the final touches on their new book, Switch. It's about a cool subject, and one we have discussed on RWA before: CHANGE. The subtitle is "
How to Change Things When Change is Hard."

It's been a winning–type week for me. The other day, I found out that I was the grand prize winner in the Central Montcalm softball gun raffle. Apparently, the gun I won is pretty cool. I've had several offers from hunters who are interested in the gun. I bought $100 worth of tickets thinking it would be a donation to the program ... with no intention of winning. I've never owned a gun, but now I do. Who would've thought?

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