November 25, 2009

What's up with ...

What follows are a few comments about topics that I've said, "I should blog about that." So, here's an attempt to "think out loud" and see what everyone thinks ...

What's up with ...

...all these restaurant servers who reply to "thank you," with "not a problem." What happened to "you're welcome." When someone thanks you for delivering a Coca Cola refill we know it's not a problem, that's why we asked for it. You don't have to say "not a problem." Just say "you're welcome." It's that easy.

...John Mellencamp delaying the release of his long–awaited box set almost a whole nother year? I remember when it was going to be called Nothing Like We Planned about 10 years ago. many stores offering so–so deals on Black Friday, thinking they'll still have people lined up at 5 a.m. I don't see any reason to be in Traverse City shopping before 8 a.m. What happened to Best Buy's must–have DOOR BUSTERS!!!

...bad customer service even being tolerated when so many people are lined up looking for work. The service counter woman at the Mt. Pleasant Kohl's last Friday was so rude that we almost decided to leave all of our stuff (but the deals won out ... where were our principles?).

...the awnings at Cranker's Coney Island in Mt. Pleasant. They're so worn and faded looking I don't know how anyone would venture in there. Imagine what the kitchen would be like. Not to mention the large salad has become smaller than most smalls. You know, anything to shave a dime. optimist sounding like a pessimist.

Happy Thanksgiving!

*The photo is an old coney place in Detroit. It is not Cranker's.

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