October 05, 2009

Miggy Got Himself a Mulligan

Petr Klíma was also a problem for the Red Wings management. That situation came to a head during training camp in 1988, when Detroit suspended Klíma indefinitely, along with Bob Probert, for breaking team rule (Wikipedia).

Photo courtesy of Detroit Tigers.

Miguel Cabrera has disgraced himself, his team, and the city of Detroit.

Drinking until 6 a.m. the night and morning before one of the most meaningful games of his career is bad enough. What's worse is that he was doing it with the Chicago White Sox, the team that shut him down all week–end. Maybe he told Freddy Garcia he would get out on purpose every time so they could go on vacation and get away from it all ... At least the Red Wings used to drink together ...

"How come you guys can carry on like that all night and get up and play hockey the next day," I can imagine a sober member of the Edmonton Oilers the six Wings. And them replying, "Because we play in Hockeytown." Thus Hockeytown was born. The Wings lost the series. Edmonton went on to win the Cup.

Back to Cabrera. I've complained here that he is one of the most unclutch performers on the team. Sure, his stats are nice, but it's been a while since he has provided the big hit. Maybe that will come tomorrow. Maybe he can redeem himself. Of course, he's probably carrying on with Twins players watching Monday Night Football in Minneapolis, er, wait a minute — the Twins do not do that. Nor, would the organization tolerate it.

Let's see: he carried on all night, had a .26 BAC, fought with his wife, took a ride in a cruiser, had his boss pick him up from the police department ... AND STILL PLAYED. He let his team down. His teammates will not tolerate the fact that he was with the Sox and too drunk to do much of anything.

I remember Tuna Can spending the week–end in 2007 with the Marlins and telling me that Cabrera is immature and seemed to lack focus; "If he were on a team with veteran Venezuelan players, he would probably learn the right way." I guess not.

Really, I guess it's all about perception at this point.

From the Associated Press via www.hockeyfights.com: ''As head coach, I take full responsibility for the actions of these players,'' Demers said. ''Nonetheless, they did hurt the team and its supporters and appropriate action will be taken to insure that this sort of thing doesn't happen again.'' Earlier in the day, the club said no decision had been made on punishing the players. (AP)

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