October 06, 2009

The Best in the Long Run ... Marathon Gasoline (A Proud Sponsor of the Detroit Tigers)

Flickr is a social network for sharing pictures. I've spent some time in Detroit the past few months, and have begun to explore some of the city's historical places that are now, well, dilapidated. It started with some folks who had taken pictures of Tiger Stadium. I "explored" their photographs and saw a different side of Detroit Rock City. Then I became curious.

Robert Monaghan discovered this abandoned Marathon Station on the corner of Commonwealth and Holden in Detroit. Thanks to the Detroit Liger for sharing the spot. His picture is much more worthy of being blogged about than my own.

During our visits during the summer, I shot a few different places. Then, I found a picture by Robert Monaghan, AKA Detroit Liger, that I thought was incredible. I knew I had to take the picture. So, I sent him a "Flickr Mail" and asked if he would share where he took the "Marathon picture." I didn't know if he would tell me, because some photographers refuse to give up their information.

Monaghan told me the station is on the corner of Holden and Commonwealth. Sunday morning, I punched that into my GPS and set out to find the corner. First, we drove by the decrepit park known as Michigan & Trumbull (CLEAN IT UP, ALREADY), checked out Michigan Central Station, and I asked Lori if we could check out one last site.

We drove for about 10 minutes and were in this — best way to put this — beat up and abandoned neighborhood when I found the place.

"Why do you want a picture of that?" Lori exclaimed, more than asked or commented.

My version of "The Long Run" doesn't compare. I guess I'll have to go back.

"I just do. It looks 'cool.'" I had to agree with her, though. It looked like an old gas station in an abandoned neighborhood. Exactly what it was. I took a few pictures, but didn't even get out of the car. I guess I knew where she was coming from, or at least where she was from!

Monaghan's picture is better. Now, I have to go back and get another angle, because I do like the abandoned place in the background. The stop sign in mine leaves a little bit to be desired. Monaghan says he's into the "decay thing." You can see the original picture here. Check out his work — there are some neat place in the city, some places that are ... different.

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