September 20, 2009

The Old English "D"

The Old English "D"
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Tug McGraw said it back in the day, when the Mets were making a run. I think it was 1973. He rallied the troops and shouted, "You Gotta Believe." Tiger fans, it's time to echo the cry! Don't give up. Don't turn and run. Don't let the Twins bully the Tigers any longer. We have four at home against the Twins and three more at the CoPa with the Sox. The Central Division is ours and has been since May 10. Don't give up!

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Phil Lynch said...

I believe. Huge win today. Nate is back! That's big. Bondo back, and we've got THE best rotation, but Bondo's only in relief for the rest of this year. Look out, 2010, seriously.

But, even if they don't somehow make it to playoffs, they've entertained me all summer, and played important games in September. That's actually all I ask, though I know it sounds a little communist or something.

Go Tigs!