September 05, 2009

The Final Touch (Changing the look, changing the outlook)

Wednesday and Thursday Central Montcalm added the final pieces to the summer's "Project Pride" initiative.

The buildings are cleaned, polished, and ready for the return of the students. A highlight, though, is that both the high school and middle school buildings were adorned with new signage. Large letters scroll across the buildings. And the final piece is a large rendering of the district's hornet logo.

Since most teachers were at the school on Thursday, learning about Rick Stiggins' "assessment for learning" protocol (including identifying power standards, unpacking those standards, and placing them appropriately in each class), Superintendent Jake Helms invited everyone out to watch "history take place."

The words (e.g. signage) look great, and they'll greet our students on Tuesday morning. Project Pride's first phase is cleaning up the buildings and making things look great. The second phase will be cleaning up our viewpoint and realizing we are the best place for kids to get their education.

Our mission is, and has been, "To advance quality learning for all." A high quality education is a must for all of our students and staff ... and everyone involved in the educational process in our district.

Vision. Mission. Ready. Set. Go.

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