August 30, 2009

Gibson in the '80s

Gibson in the '80s
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Spent some time in Detroit.

Shot some buildings that once were classy. And now stand in such disrepair they may be "too far gone."

Watched the Tigers in the CoPa. Wondered aloud: "What did this used to be before it was the Tigers' home?"

Remember in September '97, before the new place stood, watched a show at the Fox (Fogerty and Bottle Rockets, for the record) and left the arena and headed the wrong way down a one way near where the Stadium stands. Had to be some sign of the new park then, right? I don't remember. Seems like it was buildings? Can anyone confirm?

A mile away, Gibson stood, walked confidently to the dugout after batting practice. The Stadium had a great background for pictures. It's a new era, a new time. Gone are the old buildings. Some eyesores still stand.

But the memories ...

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