July 06, 2009

Monday Musings

One of my favorite things to do when I was a youngster was to read the columnists "musing rants" in the Sunday editions of our state papers like the Free Press and News. As a young future journalist, I wondered how they kept everything in order and put together their ramblings on Sundays. I wonder how they did that ... in the pre–tech era?

• How could Brandon Inge be left of the All Star roster? He's having a solid season and is deserving of his first All Star nod. Vote Brandon Inge!

• I have never purchased any of the "new" editions of either the Free Press or News. Have you? How long will newspapers hang on? It's a shame that the industry is in peril. What other industries need to wake up?

• This summer weather is unique.

Just because the sky looks rough doesn't mean there's no blue sky coming. It's tough being an optimist in a world of pessimists.

• Went to Macy's in Lansing on Friday night to buy CK Summer. I get the new version every year. Anyway, I had looked for it at a couple of other places and couldn't find it. The woman at the counter was so rude that I would have told her to (keep) it in my younger days. Courtney, the 16–year old daughter, was with me. She mentioned how rude she was. "When I was your age, Court," I said, "I would have told her off. Even if I did drive an hour to get something." That hour just seems much more valuable.

• Currently re–reading Good to Great. What an incredible book. It's an amazing book, even if some of the companies are no longer ... or no longer great. Research on numbers makes more sense for every industry every day.

• So many great tools to be using: Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook ... And to put everything together and share long links (you know, the ones that get truncated in an email message), use Tiny Url.

Imagine having to interview that cat!

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