July 08, 2009

Feeding the twits and readers (among others)

Feedly is a service that turns your Google Reader and Twitter information into a "magazine–like" appearance. It's pretty cool. I'm amazed by the technology.

Of course, you would have to be tweating occasionally, as well as reading your "feeds" through Google Reader, but other than that, you have no reason not to check out feedly. I didn't know what it meant by "magazine–like," but when you see your page, it looks like a specially laid–out page.

It may just be a fad for me because I like going right to reader and right to twitter (and occasionally to Tweetdeck.

Feedly is very cool. Check back in a week to see if I'm still using it.

A Free Press writer John Lowe (@tigerslive) will keep you updated on many Tigers games. It's a nice feature to watch on your phone if there is no radio station available or if your FSN feed is "black" like last night. Al Yankovic (@alyankovic) provides funny commentary and sometimes posts pictures, like the one below. Many people are tweating and keeping people informed. It's like a text message, only it's not! I'm @rheitmeyer, if you want to follow ... You can comment on other people's posts; you can forward other people's thoughts; you can direct message.

The dude who sang "Ricky" is tweating and posted this pic last night.

You can also find out that Chris Anderson's new book, Free, is available for "free" at scribd.

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