March 31, 2007

Tiger Thoughts (Ticketless Tiger Thoughts)

No, I don't have Opening Day tickets yet. But, that doesn't mean I have given up hope! Some of us are going to head down on Monday and see what we can make happen. In the picture below, it includes an article about the Guillen's signing a contract extention. The article doesn't mention Sean Casey, but he's featured in the picture. It's kind of strange.

I think it's interesting to note that Bonederman earned the Opening Day starter nod over Rogers ... however, I am starting to wonder if they had a concern about Rogers. Maybe they thought skipping a start would be all that was necessary. I do think, though, that Bonderman will become the ace this year. The Tigers have some great arms. Rogers will be missed, but things should be okay. Give Andrew Miller a few starts at Lakeland and he may be up for the warm weather season.

Let's go Tigers! Things are going to be okay.

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