March 31, 2007

MC Sports

Last night, we went to MC Sports in Mt. Pleasant to buy some Roller Blade brand inline skates. Lori and I both have some already, but they have several miles on them, have had the wheels changed, and are just starting to get "old and worn." Well, they didn't have our sizes in the blades we were interested in. We still bought some other items, and we were checking out.

The clerk checking us out asked the usual proverbial and required question, "Did you find everything you were looking for."

In all honesty, I told her "No. We came here to buy ..." Well, all she said was "Sorry."

I guess if I were to run a business, I would have my employees get rid of this question because IF YOU CAN'T SOLVE THE PROBLEM, WHY ASK IF THERE IS ONE!

Am I out of line to wonder about the necessity of this question?

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