March 20, 2007

Modern Media

When I was in fourth grade, I would read the Detroit News every morning. This continued for most of my life until the Traverse City Record-Eagle began a morning version. Today, I read the computer.

Doesn't modern media make you smile?

We can get our news from so many different sources. We can use newspapers, online newspapers, news Web sites, blogs, etc. The news that used to seem so timely now doesn't seem timely at all. If we don't know about something right after it happens, it's old news. I remember a TV news slogan for a program that came on at 10 p.m. instead of the traditional 11 p.m. It was something like, "At 10 o'clock it's news, at 11 o'clock it's history."

An updated slogan might be "It's news when it happens. Period."

I especially enjoy Weblogs (blogs). I do read some personal blogs, but I mostly like to read "insider" blogs, e.g. those that examine something or are coming from the inside with "news." Don't get me wrong, there are lots of great personal blogs, as well.

So much news. So little time.

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