March 24, 2007

Fast Food Experience!

I have read and enjoyed several books about the fast food industry.

I started out reading biographies of the folks who created the phenomena. I graduated to reading exposes of how bad fast food is for our bodies, health, and overall well-being. Many books are available that explain what fast food has done to the nation. But, I wonder if fast food did it, or we did it to ourselves. Life moves fast.

Wendy's has always been my favorite fast food place. Ever since Grandma Morgan and Mom would take me to Flint from Clarkston when I was very young. Often, we would visit Wendy's. Back in the mid-70s, Wendy's hadn't taken the nation by storm and no one knew who Dave Thomas was. But, Wendy's, for fast food, produce pretty decent meals. Wendy's wasn't my original choice for fast food, though. Because Clarkston had a McDonald's!

I remember my first Big Mac, in like 1976. That's about the time I enjoyed my first SHAMROCK SHAKE. I still look forward to a Shamrock Shake every year. I used to get one anytime I passed a McDonald's during March; this year, I only enjoyed one. Trying to watch what I eat ... especially the lard that makes up those McDonald's Triple Thick milkshakes (is that even still their push?) Yes, Big Mac, Shamrock, both are not Wendy's.

Wendy's has the Frosty. They probably should have stuck just with chocolate, but the Frosty is the king of treats. Even better than the Dairy Queen Moo-latte, which is really, really delicious!

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