March 11, 2007

The Mayor of Tigerville

The Mayor
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It was a HOT Sunday afternoon in Lakeland, FLA. We were in the park at 10 a.m., watching the Tigers during batting practice. The weather was here and it was beautiful!

Again, the Tigers did not win, but that's all right. It's Spring Training, of course. In the sixth inning, I headed outside to hopefully catch starting pitcher Mike Maroth. I had a picture of Ken and me with him at Photo Day last July. We all three tilted our caps to the side ala Fernando Rodney. One of my goals was to get that picture signed.

Before that opportunity arrived, though, a couple of other Tigers left. Former Tiger star Willie Horton was walking out to his car. I asked him, "Mr. Horton, could I please get a signature." He said, "I will sign one." I figured he meant one of my items. He meant "one" item. Period.

Before the day was through, though, I had gotten autographs from Sean Casey and Todd Jones. Jonesy signed a picture of Ken and me from last summer. Both of them were really polite.

Finally, Maroth was thinking of leaving. It was the ninth inning and he had a lot of family and friends there. He was standing by a gate, talking to some gentlemen. I decided it was now or never. I approached him and asked him to sign the picture from last July.

He said he would and he did. I think I'll give the picture to Ken for his 40th birthday next week-end. Ken really likes the picture and might display it on his wall in his office. Or maybe not. All in all, it was a great trip and an awesome time in Florida.

Thanks to everyone in the Tigers and Flying Tigers organizations who made us feel so welcome during our stay. It's been a great time and we're looking forward to coming back again.

Go Tigers!

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